Quality Management / Quality Assurance
Many products 'Made in China' unfortunatelly still have a por quality reputation within the international Automotive market. Among others, one reason is because of the price difference.

One hand many companies are counting with price atvantages to keep there own products competitive, on the other hand the production and quality methods in China not established very effective according to international standards.

Moreover there is a huge intricate number of production companies, dealers and suppliers that we have categorized into three areas:

  1. Local enterprise without access to international technics, low level of know-how
    (Quality-level must agreed in detail, frequent quality audits required)

  2. Enterprise with access to international technics, or foreign invested
    (good quality level, frequent quality audits required
  3. Modern enterprise with well organized production processes and modern equipment.
    (excellent good quality level, time to time quality audits proposed)

Based on this we created different quality strategies that we will implement according to your requirements. We will ensure your required quality level and protect your business from unpleasant surprises.

Our core competencies:
Supplier development
Aufzählung Selection and auditing of potential suppliers
Aufzählung Selection criterias and assessment
Aufzählung Optimization of production processes
Aufzählung On-site process supervision
Aufzählung Ensure of frequent deliveries
Aufzählung Supply-chain management
Aufzählung Quality control and certification before delivery

We support you with any quality and delivery issue.

You will have competent consulting in europe and on-site in Asia.
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